314 Huellas Plata Bacanora Tequila


Bacanora 314 Huellas Silver has a clear and clean colour. The definite aroma of cooked agave and the slight smoke tinge make you feel you are drinking at the distillery. The intense sugar and spicy aniseed aftertaste create a pleasant appeal for the palate. Because of its clean and not sticky touch, 314 Huellas Silver is best served neat or on the rocks. If you are not a fan of plain spirits mix it with tonic and lime. Enjoy 314 Huellas Silver as aperitif with chips, nachos and salsa, cheese and grilled vegetables, or as an after-dinner digestive. 314 Huellas is the perfect drink for your time at your old stamping ground. Every day can be a different day with the spicy taste of this pure spirit.

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