Kaiyo The Sheri Japanese Whisky

$139.99 $149.99

This whisky is matured in the finest Mizunara oak casks. Our pioneering research into the effect of wood selection on whisky maturation has led to the development of bespoke barrels, crafted from slow-growth, air-seasoned wood from hand-selected trees. These casks are handmade due to Mizunara oaks delicate wood grain. This spirit is gently matured in traditional style for many years before it embarks on its unique sea voyage.
Mizunara oak casks are the most expensive casks in the world.

Oloroso Sherry // Mizunara Oak// PX (Pedro Ximenez)


This whisky does not require tasting notes per our master blender. it is said the be our master blender's finest work in his career. This is a once-in-a-lifetime whisky to be shared and savored on your whisky Journey. His dream is to share this whisky with his daughters at their wedding.

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